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Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm PST
. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> former president george h. w. bush, now out of the intensive care unit, the bush's saying that his condition has improved and he has been moved to a regular patient room, and a spokesman said that the bushes would like to thank everyone for their prayers and their well-wishes. >>> i'm craig melvin, here is a look at the top stories making news right now. at least four people were killed after a plane crashed in russia's busiest airport. 12 crew members but no passengers were on board at the time of the accident. new york police have a woman in connection with the murder of a man pushed into a subway train, they say she is believed to be homeless and emotionally disturbed. she was arrested and made statements to policie implicatig herself in the murder. >>> and a lawyer for the family said that his client of a 6-year-old student heard screaming and s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1